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How it began

Since I started this blog a bit into development of PROVENANCE, I figured i would go back and tell you about myself and how this project started. As a child I found myself thoroughly immersed in the worlds of Sierra's adventure games such as Kings Quest, Space Quest, etc. At the time I wanted to make my own interactive adventure and was able to make a few unfinished text adventure games using Basic. It wasn't until years later when a man named Peter Kelly created the AGI Studio, an IDE for using Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter I could actually create my own game using graphics and created a game called Star Commander.

Not long after this I started working on Mods using Half Life and Quake editors. This lead me to create a portfolio of sorts and finally get a job in the industry officially, as an environment artist for an MMORPG called Fallen Earth in 2005.

I worked here for a few years eventually becoming Art Director on the product. After its release in 2009 I moved on to another company called Atomic Games and worked on the XBOX Live game Breach. Unfortunately due to poor sales the company eventually went under and I moved to work for UBISOFT where I worked on several titles including:

Currently I am a technical artist at SIMUTRONICS still continuing my passion of working on video games.

But now I decided to make a game completely on my own. I wanted to go back to my roots of adventure games and create an interactive story of my own ideas. I decided to utilize Unreal Engine 4 to bring my ideas to life as realistically and as immersive as possible. So stay tuned here to see new updates, screenshots and more as I work on developing this game I am very excited to bring to life. Please feel free to comment, give feedback, offer ideas etc!

Steve Coyle

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